I’m still here… (+New Photos from ACT2)

It’s been more than a month since I last posted on this web site. Forgive me, please. I have been working on the game and had school at the same time (the hardest time in school to be precise). So I couldn’t post on my website. But now I’m back, so I can post more things. I’ll begin with some images from the game. Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: I will post these or some of these on Game Jolt too.

Untitled 51
I wasn’t joking about the engineer… And I didn’t say WHAT engineer… XD
Untitled 52
I found a nice enemy description script!
Untitled 53
Oopsie… I think I gave away too many spoilers… XD These are the refurbs of my game.
Untitled 54
DAMMIT. I moved the freaking window right when I took the shot! Well, SwagBrine is Back… and really mad ’cause he thinks you took his diamonds again!




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