By now, I’m sure (I hope) you defeated all the secret bosses.

For those who didn’t: 1) Why?

Q: How do I interact with BB?
A: Hold “Q” while you press “space”.

Q: I did that, but why he says “you need all of your bitches”.
A: *facehoof* Getting a ponytronic in your team would add 1 to a variable called “bitches”. Once the variable has reached 3 (meaning you have ALL of the ponytronics in your party) you can interact with him.

Q: Why doesn’t BB do anything? I have all of the cunts.
A: Have you got any tickets to “some-land”? (Ticket to Trollnes etc)

Q: How do I get them?
A: Have you ever played FNAFB 3 act 3? Oh well.

ALPHA Toy Soda Cans –> Ticket To Trollness
Beta Toy Soda Cans –> Ticket to Moon
Gamma Toy Soda Cans –> Literally f**king nothing (seriously, they don’t drop tickets)
Delta Toy Soda Cans –> Ticket to Primeness
Omega Toy Soda Cans –> Ticket to Purpleness

For those who did, good job! I’m sure you found out that each of those bosses drop a piece of a password… Put those words/letters together (on piece of paper or whatever)… It should result in some mare’s name… Keep that password close, as you’ll need it somewhere in act 2 of FNAFP 2!

Psssst… You need it for a secret boss fight with Applefreddy F**kJack and her gang, yes MY F**KING GOD, Rarionette and Twibonnie and Golden Pinkie will be there (I thought “There are two things FNAPinkie’s and FNAApplejack’s… Since this game is based off FNAFP, I said why not confuse you more with FNAFJ? (Five Nights at F**kJack’s) )


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