AWP-ing the AWP AWP-erf**ker

A friend at school was talking about CS:GO and mentioned the AWP. Then he said “Many people say “I’m AWP-timus Prime!” when they use the AWP”. ………………… IDEA.

So, I added a character AWPtimus SwagPrime. Another Swagger. Well, he’s the masters of AWPs and Mangle Dash’s idol. He will be seen using an AWP asiimov and a P90 asiimov as well. You’ll get a ticket to him if you kill enough OMEGA soda cans. Also, there are some funny dialogues in this fight with him… LOL I won’t spoil more. Wait… Simply wait… You’ll get to play this game soon!

EDIT: You have to defeat Delta (the green ones) soda cans instead! I chose the Omega Soda Cans to drop the ticket to purpleness because those cans are Purple… XD

I chose the Robots in Disguise OP, because I hate that series. I love the movies. I love Tranformers: Prime, that was a source of inspiration at some point! And Transformers Animated was part of my child-hood! So I can’t f**k up ANY Optimus. That’s why I chose the newest Optimus. (Also because my friend, crazy for transformers, told me how he dislikes this new series, so yeah.)


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