A little update…

Hey, Blitzy here! I wanted to tell you guys more about FNAFP 2. The game will be different from the first one, not only because of the characters, but of the gameplay. This is a heavily scripted game (lots of scripts have been used…) so it’s pretty custom-made. I’m sure you’ll like it! I kept the same battle engine (Yanfly Ace Core + Yanfly Ace Battle Engine) and the same shop script (Galv’s shop). I added 3 scripts I found in FNAFB 3 that help the equipping part of the game. I really liked the “coils” Springtrap can equip both as headgear and bodygear! So, in FNAFP 2 ACT 1, you’ll have plastic coils that can be equipped the same way! Ow, I added some custom icons for skills! Other than that, I’m mad people never thought Twilight can be the puppet… So, I’d have to draw he myself, then go at a local xerox to scan the picture, get it on a PC then edit it blah blah blah! This shouldn’t mind you, as you’ll have to fight Twinnette ONLY in the second part. What you’ll have to do in the first part will be to f**k the toy-cam-guards, like always. Tough, the story is bigger and does not end there like it did in the first game. After that you’ll find out about the rest of the withered pony-tronics, so you’ll have to f**k ’em too. Well, the story advances by itself by the point you beat Bonnity. I wanted to give you a little idea of what’s going on! Heh. I’m active as f**k…. working on the game. Well, I’ll make a trailer pretty soon and I’ll release it on my Youtube channel. Until then, stay awesome and look for the teasers I post! One last teaser is coming soon… the last secret-boss… Oh wait! No, he’ll be the last mini-secret-boss!

The secret boss would be secret… I’ll never tell you who they are, what they do, how do you find them. It’s up to you when you’ll play the game to find out.


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